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The map displayed in the image at the top of this page is an interactive GoogleMap.


Right- click and hold the button down while moving your mouse around the map to see the area around the park. Alternately, you may use the arrow buttons on the left of the map.

  • To zoom out, double click the right button
  • To zoom in, double click the left button
  • The Sat button provides satellite imagery
  • The Ter button provides terrain info
  • The Map button returns to a street map
  • The "Search Nearby" link will find amenities in the nearby area


The "To Here" and "From Here" links will allow you to generate directions to or from a specific address or location.


RV Park Directions


Mileages to Nearby Centers


longtitude 117.70647 and latitude 40.98074


Interstate 80 Westbound
Reno___________________________________ 167
Sacramento______________________________ 315
San Francisco____________________________ 402

Interstate 80 Eastbound
Salt Lake City____________________________ 366

Highway 95 Northbound
Boise__________________________________ 267

Highway 95 North - West on Highway 140
Medford________________________________ 383

Highway 95 North - West on Highway 78
Portland________________________________ 528
Seattle_________________________________ 720

Highway 95 Southbound
Las Vegas_______________________________ 510
Los Angeles_____________________________ 603